Find and climb all 5 historic downtown staircases

Castle Crunch


128 steps

Located by the 

Hot Springs Firehouse and 

the American Legion.

Castle Crunch leads to the high school &  the former 

Castle Manor hospital.

Chapel Charge


156 steps

Begins near 

River & Minnekahta Streets

behind Kidney Springs, 

and climbs up next to the Episcopal Church, finishing 

in a residential neighborhood.

The Battle Mountain Grand Staircase


141 steps

Begins on National Street, 

just east of River Street,

between Evans Hotel &

Red Rock River Resort/1891 Bistro; leads to the VA Hospital

(historic Battle Mountain Sanitorium).

Goddard Grind


123 steps

River St, by the former location of Gus’s Ice cream & Heartland Quilts; leads to Pioneer Museum 

(former schoolhouse); 

be sure to visit the museum.

Museum Mash


109 steps

Chicago & Jennings across from Post Office.

No railing.

Leads to Pioneer Museum 

and VA Hospital.

Grandstone Windmill Wobble


87 rough hand-hewn steps

were built primarily in 2017

by Joshua Johnson, on private land located outside Hot Springs.

Windmill Wobble is only used in the Knee High Hilly Half Marathon and is not a public use staircase.


History of the Hot Springs Staircases

Each of our historic staircases has its own unique history. We would like to compile and share that history, as part of the effort to preserve these treasured walkways. Do you have a story about any of the staircases? Even the smallest fact will be useful as we piece together the story of how these staircases were buil