5:00 TO 6:30 P.M.:

Late registration/sign-in/packet pickup. You are encouraged to come Sunday to ease the process on Monday morning. THERE WILL BE A DRAWING ON MONDAY FOR THOSE WHO PICKED UP THEIR PACKETS AND/OR REGISTERED ON SUNDAY EVENING!


9:00 am to 10:20: Sign-in, packet pickup and late registration. 

10:00-10:50: Limber-up on the lawn

10:30: Brief program/warm-up/housekeeping 

11:00: Shotgun start 

2:00 (approximate): 1st Place Awards

12:00 pm to 3:00 pm Day in the park COMMUNITY PARTNERS: 

  • Crazy Woman Creek Band
  • Mornin' Sunshine: coffee bar (may be set up in the am)
  • Hot Springs Vault:  beer and lunch  ( donating portion of the profits to Boys & Girls Club (they will likely be serving before noon.

  1. Boys & Girls Club Kid Zone (bean-bag toss, hula-hoops, and much more)
  2. Mammoth Site (9-hole Mini-golf course; think mammoth ribs for golf clubs)
  3. SD National Guard (Pedal Karts and laser tag)

  • Keep Austin Massaged (Yes, we know we are not in Texas)
    Victoria Pennock will be in the park with chair and table massage, weather permitting



timekeeping & AWARDS


If you have done this race before, you know we are rather casual. 

Awards: Everyone who finishes earns a delightful hand-made finisher medal. The Club kids did a great job this year and there is a new twist on our usual round medallion.  We also award kid-designed plaques for 1st place male and female ONLY in each of the three events. No age group awards. While we love a winner and a competition, Stars has always been more about personal challenge—

Honoring America's Fallen Heroes by Having the Courage to Get Strong!

Timekeeping: We are also rather casual about time keeping. We do have a professional clock, courtesy of our parent organization, Challenge Dakota, but no professional timekeepers here, just our lovely volunteers. Thus we need your help in doing the best we can to get it right:

  • CRITICAL! You must go through the FINISH line CHUTE and YOUR RACE BIB MUST BE PINNED TO THE FRONT OF YOUR BODY!!! If it is under your jacket, You are responsible to be sure that YOUR BIB NUMBER IS VISIBLE BEFORE and UNTIL YOU ARE COMPLETELY OUT OF THE CHUTE. If you don't follow these rules you won't just mess up your own time, YOU MIGHT MESS UP EVERYONE'S TIME!

  • ALSO CRITICAL: You will be handed a popsicle stick as you go through the chute. It will have a number on it, indicating your placement in the time chain. You MUST BRING THE POPSICLE STICK TO THE TIMEKEEPING TABLE and MAKE SURE THE TIMEKEEPERS MATCH your stick number to your bib number BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE TABLE. This is also where you pick up your finisher medal.



You Can Still Register!


You can register online until  8:00 a.m. MDT on Sunday May 26th. 

You may also register Sunday evening from 5:00 to 6:30 at the Scout Center in Centennial Park, 245 North Garden Street. (The Scout Center is the small green building between the huge Masonic Temple and United Church, across the parking lot from Centennial Park, which is across River Street from City Hall.)

You may still register Monday morning from 9:00 to 10:20 am, also at the Scout Center.

PLEASE HELP US MAKE MONDAY MORNING SMOOTH BY REGISTERING AND/OR PICKING UP YOUR PACKET ON SUNDAY. As a thank you, if you do this on Sunday we will enter your name in a drawing for something fun.

PACKET PICKUP: You can pick up your packet, including your shirt, during the registration times noted above. If you registered after regular registration ended, you will probably not get a tee shirt. There are a very few extras and will be assigned to first registered (online or in person). Every finisher will receive a Finisher's medal.