challenge dakota activities

Supporting Active Events


Challenge is dedicated to supporting and sponsoring active events in and around Hot Springs, South Dakota.   This includes organizing Stars, Stripes & Steps and the 9/11 Grand Stair Challenge, cash sponsorships, making event materials available, repairing staircases, litter clean-up along routes and more.

Building a Race Kit


Challenge is building an inventory of event materials to share with local groups. (Coolers, banners, time clocks, sound system etc.) Thanks in part to major grants from First Interstate Community Foundation, we have purchased our double sided race clock and Bose sound system.

Maintaining Historic Stairs


Challenge has been working with the City of Hot Springs and the VA to ensure maintenance of our staircases. We completed a major renovation on Museum Mash, the stone steps on Chicago Street, as well as ongoing repairs on the concrete staircases.

(Photo is "Before" stair repair)

Active Event Sponsorships


Challenge has been a major sponsor of the Hot Springs Rotary's 

Climb Hot Springs and has also sponsored smaller events.

Repair/Replace Fund


Challenge is building a fund to repair or replace major race kit components as needed (currently consisting of clock and sound equipment.)

Stair Repair/Restore Fund


Challenge is building a fund to continue repair and future renovations and enhancements of all the city  staircases. 

(Photo is 'After' stair repair)